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1/3 ounce Love Auric Blends roll on

Love, by Auric Blends, is a warm fragrance with a slight hint of spice. A few drops last all day, an..


100g White Sage soap

A mild 100% vegetable based soap to gently cleanse your skin. This beautiful fragranced soap is desi..


1oz Money Drawing powder incense

Burn a small portion of this lightly scented powdered incense to draw financial strength and increas..


2 1/2" Selenite egg

A lustrous white, selenite egg, also known as the "Moon Goddess Egg", it's namesake deriving from, S..


2 3/4 Orange Selenite heart

Polished shaped orange selenite heart, also knows as "Gypsum" or the "Stone of the Moon". Keep aroun..


25-30mm 7 Chakra pyramid

Each primary chakra color is displayed in layers to create this pyramid of energy. Enhanced colors f..


25-30mm Amazonite pyramid

25-30mm Amazonite pyramid. Material: Resin, Natural Amazonite Gemstones pyramid. Amazonite has been ..


25-30mm Amethyst pyramid

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of amethyst, this small pyramid can..


25-30mm Aquamarine pyramid

Aquamarine can be use as a calming stone, also believe to resonate ocean energy, and to help connect..


25-30mm Black Obsidian pyramid

A small but energetic focus carved from volcanic glass and highly polished. Small enough for the cor..


25-30mm Black Tourmaline pyramid

This black tourmaline pyramid is a powerful tool and is highly praised for its ability to absorb neg..


25-30mm Bloodstone pyramid

Sculpted from bloodstone, this finely faceted pyramid is a powerful aid in energy work, particularly..


25-30mm Orgone 7 Chakra pyramid set with Box

This is a special chakra set that comes with stone/crystal orgone pyramids to coordinate with each c..


30- 35mm Black Onyx pyramid

A carved and polished Black Onyx pyramid. 30-35mm ..