Chakra Sets & Massagers

Chakra Sets & Massagers
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25-30mm Orgone 7 Chakra pyramid set with Box

This is a special chakra set that comes with stone/crystal orgone pyramids to coordinate with each c..


Amethyst Point double terminated 2"

This double terminated amethyst point is a wonderful addition to your crystal healing and ritual pra..


Bloodstone Point double terminated 2"

2" Bloodstone double terminated 16 faceted, this powerful pyramid shaped stone can be of great use i..


Chakra set

A pocket size set of 3/4" Chakra mediation stones in a 2" x 3" drawstring pouch. Stones and pouch wi..


Double Terminated Citrine Point 1 1/2"

Displaying the natural beauty of the golden colored Citrine, these double terminated citrine points ..


Double Terminated Quartz Point 2" 16 faceted

A natural Quartz crystal formed and polished into a double terminated tapered massager. 3/4" tapered..


Double Terminated Rose Quartz Point 2"

Useful within your crystal healing practice in all manner of ways, this double terminated rose quart..


Fluorite generator

Fluorite generators come in random colors making each one individual. Fully polished translucent, th..


Sanskrit Chakra set with box

A complete 7 chakra stone set in a wood burned carved box with removable lid. Aligning your chakras ..


White Selenite generator

The white selenite generator is a fantastic tool for crystal healing and magical practice, using the..