Lodestone Mojo Kit

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Lodestone Mojo Kit

Lodestone has been used for grounding energy, clear thinking, and focused, detailed work, as well as, helping one with making decisions. Lodestone is very effective at the Root Chakra for a feeling of being grounded, centered and protected. This stone can be held in your hand for meditation or placed around you in order to experience their subtle, magnetic pull.
Lodestone or what is sometimes call, “lovestone” has been used as a powerful amulet to “draw and attract” love, money, power, wealth, and prosperity to its user. It is used as an all around good luck Charm for “pulling in” all that you desire.
Our Lodestone Mojo Kit is based on the original hoodoo bag from New Orleans and has been used for historically to attract positive energy into your life. This affirming kit can be carried with you, placed on your altar or in your meditation space. It works to bring your positive intentions to light.
This kit includes 1 magnetic lodestone, 0.5 ounce bag of magnetic gold sand to decorate and empower your stone and our ancient lodestone attraction oil in a 0.25 ounce roll on bottle!  It also comes with a black organza mojo bag to keep your stone in along with complete instructions how to use this stone. It also includes a meditation, cleansing and charging instructions and the best ways to put your mojo bag to good use!
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