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Amethyst Chakra Pendulum With Heart Bead

This pendulum can be used successfully to balance the Chakra, our entire energetic aura system, as w..


Clear Quartz Pointed Pendulum

Clear Quartz Pointed Pendulum with Chakra Cabochons. ..


Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere

The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, infini..


Himalayan Salt Massage Wand

Himalayan Salt Massage Wand carefully hand carved wands from natural Himalayan crystal salt with rou..


Pointed Rose Quartz Pendulum

Cut and polished gemstone with silver plated metal chain. The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its ..


Shungite Pendulum

Especially designed for, from the Russian region of Kareliathis, these amazing pe..


Violet Orgone Pendulum

These beautiful orgone pendants are amazing energy carriers that were crafted in India with silver p..