Blue Color Therapy Kit

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Blue Color Therapy Kit

Choose the color you need the most! These fantastic and versatile Color Therapy Kits have been created to help you incorporate color into your life on a daily basis. We have taken some of our best healing color products and put them together for a combined healing experience!
~ We start with our Color Therapy Pamphlet of healing with color. The information shows you how to utilize the products to obtain their greatest benefit. It explains how color heals and the process it takes to bring your body and its needs back into balance. This includes tips on proper clothes to wear, proper foods to eat, color balancing techniques & astrological connections with color.
~ Natural sea salts infused with organic essential oils for your bath or foot soak. They relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin, tone your body and make for a healing experience. Try our incredible, all natural healing salts that Andrew has gathered and purified, straight from the sacred riverbeds in India. These healing salts are colored with all natural coloring from herbs, fruit skins and crystal powders.
~ Magnificent genuine healing crystal ~ based on its matching color and mineral makeup, we include the metaphysical properties of the stone, how to use and cleanse it and many, many ways to work with and incorporate this crystal into your colorful healing routine! It is also accompanied with a color-coordinated organza bag for storage.
~ Vedic Chakra Bath Perfume Oils blend our famous Gem Waters, with essential oils and other healing oils for an incredible bath, perfume and pulse point therapy! “Gem Essence Water” is water that has been infused with the vibational energies of crystals. Our Angel’s Mist essential oils are 100% pure essential oils that have been designed specifically for the product line. We use all natural coloring from herbs, fruit skins and crystal powders.
~ We bring this kit all together in a beautifully colored Lucite box! The box is also big enough to place a glass of water into it, place the box into the sun and create you color Solar tonic water as a healing drink or nurturing tincture!
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