Daily Celtic Fairy Gem Bag

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Daily Celtic Fairy Gem Bag

A daily meditation for the spirit!
The Fairy, or Fairies have a long standing history throughout Celtic lore. Fairies are the medieval and post-medieval versions of the old Celtic “spirits of the place”. Celtic history is laden with stories of the “fairies of the wood, glen and dale” who were known for mischief, protection, guidance and more! Their antics are legendary and make up some of the most famous connections to places in the Celtic Realm.
Crackle quartz or fairy quartz stones are beautifully dyed clear quartz representing the metaphysical powers of clear quartz (the stone of power, clear insight and high vibrational energy) along with the power of their color! Each stone represents a particular “fairy realm” and coordinates with the color of each sacred place.
The Blue Sylph: This stone represents the “spirit of the air”. Etheric sparkling blue honors the gentle breeze and mischievous wind. Winding its way through the plants and trees, pushing along the water and whipping up the dust, the stone expresses the “free and flowing spirit of carefree energies!
The Red Pixie: This stone represents the easily startled, envious and constantly curious fairy folk who are always getting into trouble! Rambunctious, with boundless energy and a true sense of the supernatural! Red is the color of fierce fire, kenetic energy and self power.
The Flower Fairy: This yellow stone represents the gentle spirits of the earth who live among the flowers and near the bottom of trees. Waking with the early morning sun and whisking away the morning dew, these helpful creatures of unconditional love and promise offer a positive outlook on all they touch.
The Fire Fairy: This orange stone brings the rising sun of joy, laughter and brighter awareness. This fairy is associated with fascination, determination, creativity, attraction, enthusiasm and success. They are the “fire lights’ that glow at morning dawn and twilight. That encourage the start and end of each day!
The Sea Nymph: This indigo stone represents the ease and flow of the alluring deep lapis blue sea! Taken to the sea in the form of merrows, these creatures guide lost fisherman, protect swimmers and fraternize with the mermaids.
The Green Fairy: Spriggans appear as magical, treelike creatures. Spriggans generally appear in wooded areas, guarding hidden glades, cave entrances, or forest ruins. They are a symbol of nature and verdant valleys. Notorious for good-hearted fun, this most popular pixie leads us on adventures of the heart, down garden paths and through realms of peaceful, nurturing fields.
The Enchantress Fairy: this violet stone contains the grounding color of red with the energy of blue, which is expanding, spacious and flow of peace. It is the color that you see in the sky as twilight transitions into night. It takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place. These fairies are the inspiration for creativity, magical intrigue and mystery.
In this bag, there are seven stones. Reach into the bag and choose a stone for the day! Use the stone and follow its lesson for the day. Carry your stone in your pouch or wear your stone in the expandable cage pendant that comes with this set. These stones are accompanied by a pamphlet with each fairy associated with the crystal, along with a story about each fairy, a meditation with the crystal, information including daily associations and connections. We also include our special fairy cone incense that you can enjoy at the end of the day to help you unwind and relax!
All stones are medium to large sized tumbled stones. Bags may vary in color depending on availability. 20 incense cones are included along with 7 crackle quartz stones, cage necklace and bag!
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