Goddess Gift Set

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Goddess Gift Set

The Goddess Experience Gift Set

This fantastic array of beautiful products has been created to honor the Goddess in you!

We set the mood for love and self-care, honor and respect, joy and pleasure! This 10 piece set is a treasure trove of delightful experiences. All designed to stimulate and revive your senses.

~0~ Moon Goddess Incense: 20 hand spun, hand made incense cones with burner plate. Imbued with a rich blend of pungent rosemary and sacred frankincense. We also add the sweet, quintessential moonflower~ Jasmine, to make this trilogy complete.

~0~ Goddess Meditation Stones: Use these stones in our “sacred honoring” meditation. Relax in a circle of stones or place them on your altar, meditation space, massage table or yoga mat, as you utilize their empowering energy. We include moonstone, snow white quartz, clear quartz, and rainbow opal.

~0~ Sun Tarot Oil: Our brand new fragrance, designed to bring more sun, light, and joy into your life! This fantastic roll on starts with sunny sunflower and calendula marigold petals. We then mix in light-hearted sunstone, the promise from citrine and the clarity of clear quartz. They are blended with vibrationally compatible 100% pure Angel’s Mist Essential Oils of Sweet Orange and zesty Lemon to create a bright and beautiful fragrance that lifts your spirits and brings promise to your day!

~0~ The Goddess Crystal Candle: This beautiful, iridescent 3″ x 3″ candle is richly scented with my own Angel’s Mist Essential Oils of Luscious Lavender and a kiss of Violet! The candle is made with both amethyst and rose quartz, dressed in lavender organza ribbon, and accented with a small wire wrapped amethyst stone! She makes a fantastic necklace/pendant when hung on a black cord or silver chain!

~0~ Goddess Among Us Tea: Sit back and enjoy this delicious loose leaf tea blend of precious rosebuds, bittersweet orange, the sensual spice of cardamom, anise and black tea to honor the Sacred Goddess among us. This comes in a 2-ounce tin. We include a tea ball to diffuse this delightful tea.

~0~ Rose Bud Sachet: Precious rosebuds (the ultimate symbol of the Goddess) are tossed into a pink organza bag so that you can toss it into any drawer or add them to your bath water, liven up your altar or decorate your sacred space.

~0~ The Goddess Myst: We have blended the rich and romantic magic of white roses, sweet Frangipani flower and luscious lily of the valley. Nurture your “inner spirit” with this sensational blend of aura clearing flowers in a light and airy blend for the body. Use this in any space to clear away negative energy, raise the vibration of your surroundings and evoke the image of a beautiful Roman garden! Comes in a cobalt blue 4-ounce bottle of luscious mist.

~0~ Goddess Intention Jewelry: This self-adjustable bracelet includes clear quartz crystal, the stone of power, weaved together with rainbow moonstone to honor the goodness and nurture the Goddess in all women. Wear this empowering tool of light whenever you need a reminder as to who you are!

~0~ Our complete instruction pamphlet includes ways to “Create Your Goddess Journal”, use and cleanse your crystals, bless and honor your space with our scents, “Tips for a Soul-Satisfying Journey as a Goddess” and positive affirmation for your Goddess Candle!

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