Divination Kits

Divination Kits

We at Cosmictides, carry a wide variety of supplies ranging from Divination Kits, Gemstones Trees, Crystals, Books, Ritual and Spiritual supplies, Incense, Oils, Jewelry and much more. Browse our collection of Best Divination Kits Online and enjoy free shipping with exciting offers.

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Clairvoyant Reading cards by Belinda Grace

A beautiful Oracle card set based upon the You are Clairvoyant book. All 36 oracle cards are beautif..


Enchanted Spellboard by Zerner & Farber

Helping to connect us to the world beyond to receive messages and understanding, the Enchanted Spell..


Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Card by Mlle Lenormand (attributed)

Perfect for teaching yourself or others to use regular playing cards in your divination, the Gypsy W..


Zener cards (ESP test cards)

Unlock your inner power with Zener Cards, a deck based on the cards used by psychologists and paraps..