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Pendalums & Mats
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6-sided Amethyst pendulum

A natural stone Amethyst pendulum balanced y a small marble of Amethyst on the opposite end of the c..


6-sided Garnet orgone pendulum

Energy healing Garnet orgone 6 sided pendulum. Garnet orgone is believed to emit intense high freque..


6-sided ogone Amethyst pendulum

6-sided Orgone Amethyst pendulum. Orgone is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal partic..


6-sided Tiger Eye pendulum

A natural stone Tiger's Eye pendulum balanced with a small marble of Tiger's Eye on the opposite end..


7 ChakraMulti pendulum

A pendulum made up seven layers of syn. stone. 1 3/4". ..


Amethyst 7 Chakra pendulum

Discover how amethyst can aid in enhancing psychic ability, healing the mind, or achieving wisdom wi..


Assorted Faceted 6 side pendulum

These random assorted pendulums, featuring 6 faceted sizes and a point are perfect for your divinati..


Bloodstone 7 Chakra pendulum

Featuring a conical, bloodstone bob and a chain decorated with seven beads, chain end may come with ..


Tourmaline, Black 7 Chakra 6 sided pendulum

A 6 sided Tourmaline pendulum, with a silver plated chain, having each of the 7 Chakra colors repres..


Various 7 Chakra ball pendulum

These assorted pendulums come with a smooth and highly polished gemstone sphere, adorned in a metal ..