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Air Bath Spell Kit New

Air Bath Spell Kit

This mini bath kit comes with instructions and materials to work a ritual bath to aid you in invokin..


Aura Crystal Gift Set

The Aura Crystal Gift Set is a beautifully packaged set of crystals for any crystal lover, cry..


Birthday Stone Gift Set

Discover the power you share with nature’s most stunning gemstones. Learn why this stone is cent..


Blessings Set

Scent has been used for centuries as a powerful cleanser of negative energy and for clearing..


Blue Color Therapy Kit

Choose the color you need the most! These fantastic and versatile Color Therapy Kits have be..


Blue Sage Smudge Stick

Blue Sage (Salvia azurea) or the azure blue sage  is also known as “Grandmother Sage”. ..


Calcite Divination Set

Based on the fantastical divination system of stone casting, the Mexican Lithomancy System i..


Celtic Healing Crystal Collection

This crystal collection was created out of the demand for these stones, based on Andrew’s OM..


Chakra Set 7 Pieces Mini Double Terminated Wands New

Chakra Set 7 Pieces Mini Double Terminated Wands

Comes in velvet bag. Double terminated wands are tools used for energy healing; they are believed to..


Daily Archangels Gem Bag

~A daily meditation for the soul!   Angel Relationships came out of the cross cul..


Daily Celtic Fairy Gem Bag

A daily meditation for the spirit!   The Fairy, or Fairies have a long standing h..


Emotional Stress Crystal Pouch

Crystals for Emotional Detox   We often hear about detoxing our physical bodies. ..


Epsom Salt In Bulk 50lb

Epsom salt for the bath in bulk ( Magnesium sulfate ) is the highest pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt..


Full Moon Ritual Kit

The cycles of the moon are important when doing any kind of empowerment work in order to man..


Goddess Crystal Collection

Crystal pouches are one of the most interesting and oldest remedies. Use your pouch by carry..