Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats
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Art of Om

Om is a sacred sound and spiritual icon that is considered to be the greatest of all mantras. The Om..


Boho Chic New

Boho Chic

This Boho inspired yoga mat is one our newest creations. Combining soft pink and grays, this mat is ..


Cosmic State New

Cosmic State

Let this piece remind you of the power of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Ascend to powerful m..


Day Of The Yoga

Meant to inspire your morning yoga. We all know how tough inversions can be at 7AM, but we know that..



"Equanimity" comes from the combination of "aequus" and "animus" ("soul" or "mind") in the Latin p..


I Love Yoga

Invoked before taking on tasks, Ganesh represents the removal of obstacles in both spiritual and mat..


Inner Peace

No one said finding world peace comes easy, but if you and your new mat have anything to say about i..


Just Be New

Just Be

In a world where so many people seem to follow expectations, norms and beliefs to fit in, we know th..


Love Muse New

Love Muse

Muses are said to inspire and help you connect with your passions. Spiritually grounded and always u..


Monkey On My Back New

Monkey On My Back

Let’s be honest, our closest relatives are often far more interesting and self aware than some of th..


OmSession New


The word Buddha is a title which means “the one who is awake” to the nature of reality. This simple ..


Serenity New


Connect to infinite tranquility and peace loving your body, mind and spirit. With a still and quite ..


Soul Catcher New

Soul Catcher

Welcome in your dreams and catch a handful of soulful energy as you ground yourself to the spirit wo..


Soul Expression

You radiate light and beauty. Your energy comes from all things within and are infinitely connected ..


Sugar Me All Over

Are you done fiddling with your uninspiring yoga mat? Show some character and style at your next pra..